Here at Fox we specialise in dealing with Businesses, we will help organise everything from making your bills cheaper, creating a tariff to suit you and your businesses needs and also helping you choose phones to suit your needs.

We aim to provide a range of phones to suit all businesses and if we do not have the phone required in stock we can often have it in the very next day.

Our phones range from: Blackberry's and PDA's, easy to use phones with cameras and bluetooth, specialised camera phones and even rubberised, waterproof and dust proof phones such as the indestructible JCB.

We also stock a range of older models, including; Nokia 6310i and Nokia 6230i which are still two of the most popular older models requested by businesses.

We will set up any phone and do a contacts transfer, we have Blackberry trained staff in store and will also set your blackberry up including the email. Our Retford store also offers a repair service which includes repairs to phones, sat nav, laptops and various computers.

A tariff care service is provided FREE OF CHARGE either quartley or semi-annually. This involves us taking a copy of your bills and analysing them to make sure you are making the most out of the tariff your on. If you are not getting the best deal then we can explore options such as; changing your tariff, adding or remove bundles on your account.

We will also contact you when your upgrades are due and provide you with all of the different upgrade options available.